2 thoughts on “Junior Club Night

  1. Hi I am currently working with a young 13 year old who attends Rutherford and likes to think he is a master at chess and is very competitive is keen to join your group is it possible and how much will it be and when can he start please Cherrill youth worker


  2. Hi Cherrill, Apologies for the late reply. We are just getting the hang of this website. Yes we would be very happy to see your competitive friend. We are a very friendly (though competitive) bunch. The first couple of weeks joining the chess club are free (so people can see if they like the club). Yearly membership is $120. Although we can also do a part year or even weekly sub if that helps. The main thing is to just get him to drop by one club night before 7.30, have some games and see if he likes it. Hope to see you both soon. Cheers Chris.


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