This trophy is awarded by the committee to the best Junior at the Senior club.

2022A Thurner
2021J Wang
2020J Wang
2019N / A
2018N / A
2017N / A
2016A Shinil
2015A Ang
2014A Ang
2013A Ang
2012A Ang
2011S Yang
A Ang
2010S Yang
2009R Feyter
2008A Huang
2007J Gao
D Smith
2006D Smith
2005E Chen
2004E Book
2003D Smith
2002E Book
2001P Gao
2000C Hartigan
1999P Godfrey
1998C Hartigan
1997A Macfarlane
1996A Macfarlane
C Hartigan
1995A Macfarlane
1994M Munns
1993V Williams
1992D Patel
1991A Cater
1990C Taylor
1988R Goris
1987A Malcouronne
1986C Baker
1985C Baker
1984B Martin-Buss
1983C Wearing
1982N Dobbie
1981N Dobbie
1980A Hill
1979A Hill
D Body
N Dobbie